Creating Dynamic, Empowered Environments for Peace to Thrive


Peace is not an apathetic or lethargic approach to avoiding conflict, but rather a pro-active, passionate, courageous and compassionate engagement with a broken, hurting world.

Empowering Peace is all about giving you the tools, resources, and community that you need to become a peace-builder. Founded and led by long-time professional women in peace-building, this organization emphasizes the unique voice that women bring to peace-making.

It’s not just us, read the UN’s PoV here!)

Peace is so much more than the simple absence of violence or war, as it is critical for transforming individual lives, local communities, and the wider world.

We choose to “build” and “sow” peace rather than “make” or “keep” Peace. It requires dedication, long-term investment, and strong foundations. Because there is no upper limit to the amount of blessing or increase that Peace can bestow, we choose to believe that there are no limits and infinite possibilities to what we can build when we work together.