Bridge: A Community Current

What is a bridge?

In architecture, it is a structure used to connect and provide passage between two distinct locations separated by a natural divide.

In electric terms, a bridge is used to connect two different electrical currents to each other. The best-known bridge circuit, the Wheatstone bridge, was invented by Samuel Hunter Christie and popularized by Charles Wheatstone, and is used for measuring resistance.

In nautical life or science fiction, the bridge is an elevated platform from which the Captain can navigate.

In most of our lives, there are areas that need bridges.

Working with various community organizations and practitioners, our Bridge initiative aims to connect, measure resistance, and provide navigation for families, small businesses, and communities.

Our methods:

  • Retreats and Small Group Facilitation
  • Curriculum Development
  • Online Spiritual Cohort
  • Listening Workshops
  • Small Business Efficiency Assessments
  • Ministry Assessment
  • Small Group Training and Feedback sessions
  • Interfaith Relationship Counseling

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Keeper of the Well is a regular gathering in which we explore spiritual concepts as an online community. There is no particular faith tradition attached, and each person brings a unique voice

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