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A sacred text shares that those who sow in peace will reap a harvest of connectedness and right-standing in the world. One of the  most effective ways to sow seeds of peace is through increasing our understanding – of ourselves, our communities, and those who are different from us. We offer workshops for a variety of purposes, and can also customize workshops and seminars to meet the needs of your community or organization.

Releasing & Reconciling Spiritual Trauma

Releasing & Reconciling Spiritual Trauma

For small groups (2-4 hours) with Katie Sturm

Peace begins “within” in this carefully cultivated small group workshop designed to bring harmony and peace to participants’ spiritual journeys. In this workshop, participants find freedom from the spiritual wounds of their past while being given freedom to re-integrate meaningful spiritual practices for their daily lives. 

Engaging Fundamentalism

Engaging Fundamentalism

For peace-builders (3-6 hours) with Katie Sturm

Peace begins with understanding other points of view in this workshop about theological and other fundamentalisms. Beginning with providing a background understanding of the history and underpinnings of fundamentalist ideologies and continuing through exploring our own fundamental core values, this workshop ends with the hopeful act of learning how to work with others and understand their guiding “fundamental” beliefs.

Stones of Peace

Stones of Peace

Interfaith Storytelling as Peacebuilding (2 days) with Tina Overbury & Katie Sturm

This dynamic, interactive two-day workshop takes people on a journey through their own stories in order to help them find stones of connection to build bridges with others in their communities. Co-facilitated by Tina Overbury & Katie Sturm, this workshop is bound to increase self-understanding and compassion and open one’s eyes to the Divine Spark in each and every human being

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Keeper of the Well is a regular gathering in which we explore spiritual concepts as an online community. There is no particular faith tradition attached, and each person brings a unique voice

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